Sunday, July 27, 2003

Updated WSCR code

It's Sunday night again and back to work tomorrow. Far too much to do this week at work so may not get anything much done this week.

Not a lot doing over the weekend. Watched a couple of films (nothing new, The Abyss on video, Rat Race and Legend of the Rangers on Sky) as well as Australia getting wopped in the Tri-Nations and Newcastle against Chelsea in yet another mickey mouse pre-season tournament (at least Shearer wasn't injured in this pre-season game against Chelsea!).

I did get through modifying C13 and C14 of the WSCR code for WSE2. There isn't a lot of changes to get WSE1 code to work with WSE2 - if you ignore security:
  • HttpSoapContext.RequestContext to RequestSoapContext.Current
  • HttpSoapContext.ResponseContext to ResponseSoapContext.Current
  • Path.To.AbsoluteUri to To.Value.AbsoluteUri on the SoapContext object
From the changes that have gone on I expect WS-Routing and WS-Referral to be changed pretty soon - the documentation for WSE2 points the way for using WS-Addressing an awful lot and Ws-Routing/Ws-Referral were before this so changes look as though they're on the way.

You'll also see that I haven't changed the C15 the security stuff yet - there is a lot that has changed under the covers and I didn't get a chance to look at it. Hopefully there'll be some MSDN articles this week that explain things. As with most MS pre-release documentation it leaves a lot to be desired!

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