Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Road trip

(01/09, 01:10) Bed. Lovely sweet bed.

(31/08, 07:00) Back to England we go.

(30/08, 23:00) Bloody Paul Grayson!!! Last minute, losing by one point and you’ve just missed a drop goal. What do you do? Take another drop goal that was worse than the first.

(30/08, 20:45) Just got into the ground. Had a few drinks around the harbour in the afternoon and then made our way to the ground to soak up some of the atmosphere. The Stade Velodrome still has a lot of the advertising from France 98 up. It’s cooled down a lot now and I can appreciate why France and Spain have a lot of games late in the evening.

(30/08, 09:00) Guess I’m the only one who made it down for breakfast – it was a very drunken and very weird night. Started in an Irish bar and then moved on. We think we were in a gay bar at one point drinking some really really bad cocktails but none of us is too sure. The weirdest part was probably drinking in a “locals” bar and getting a free round of drinks after the barman got us to sing the National Anthem really loud.

(29/08, 18:30) We’re here. Did another four hours driving – north of Lyon to the hotel – and can safely say that I’m absolutely knackered.

(29/08, 12:00) Managed to get about four hours sleep and completely missed Paris.

(29/08, 07:30) Well we got the earlier ferry and I've drove for two and a half hours in torrential rain. We’re about an hour out of Paris and making good time. Off to kip for a few hours.

(28/08, 23:30) We're off. Ipswich to Dover for the 3:45 ferry and then I've (stupidly!) agreed to drive first in France.

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