Monday, October 24, 2005

Apple Media Centre?

At the moment I have a video recorder, a DVD player and a XBox underneath my TV. I did consider not having a DVD player and using the XBox instead but the aircraft-engine fan and lack of multiregion persuaded me to buy a new DVD player when my old Panasonic one gave up the ghost.

What would be great would be a Media Centre PC - my cousin has one and it's quite good. But after listening to the fan in the XBox putting a PC underneath my TV isn't an option. What I really want is a XBox that's (a) quiet, (b) allows me to record onto DVD for use in a normal DVD player, and (c) allows me to stream what I've recorded to my desktop machine in the other room. Fat chance of that!

But what about a Mac Mini as a media centre? APC in Australia certainly think it may be on the cards.

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