Thursday, July 13, 2006

New computer is up and running

At last. I now have a working computer that is slowly getting back to normal. Neither of my video cards liked the x64 edition of Windows XP so I had to reinstall to the x86 version (which is a bit of a shame). But it's there.

Just now got to reinstall all the software that was on there. I did plan to do an XP reinstall but thought better of it (having done that on the last motherboard replacement and it was never quite the same).

The only problem is that I've now got duplicated diary/tasks/contacts between Outlook and my iPaq as ActiveSync doesn't realize that two events/tasks/contacts with exactly the same information are the same thing! With over 10 years of diary and about 1000 tasks it's a bit of a bugger and I may have to spend some time pruning.

The major software bits are on there but it's the little ones that I'm finding as I go along that are causing headaches. You get used to the FTP package that you've been using and remembering where you've put the installer (and hoping that it's not on the drive that you've formatted) is getting quit tedious.

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