Monday, July 03, 2006

Status report...

Well it's been a couple of months where I've not had time to do anything other than work. A little lie as I've completed by PADI Open Water certification so if I ever get over to see Dom and Becca I can at least go diving with Dom. If you fancy learning to dive and you're in the Newcastle area check out Sunderland Scuba Centre.

In the last couple of months I've completed a site for Simple-Talk integrating Community Server (which is very buggy IMHO) with a CMS system and then skinning the lot, started doing some work for Swopex as well as pushed forward with Thing-E's own CMS system that we're going to use in three or four other projects. I've also done some consultancy for a couple of other people on top of that and was at a meeting this morning on some other consultancy work that looks quite interesting.

Hopefully I'll be more consistent in when I post (but I'm getting a bit tired of saying it).

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