Friday, November 10, 2006

SQL Server 2005 SP2

I've been using the management studio for SQL Server 2005 since one of the betas. It's loads better than the old Enterprise Manager but there are a couple of things that really annoyed me.

For starters you can't select multiple objects (e.g. stored procedures) and then hit the delete key to delete them all. You have to delete the objects one at a time.

The other was the generate scripts functionality. When I create a script I want the DROP and CREATE statements created. I don't want, as was the case pre-SP2, to have either the DROP or the CREATE but not both.

SP2 has changed some of the options around and I can now set "Script DROP" to true or false and also set "Script CREATE" to true or false. Bloody marvelous.

So it's taken a second service pack before anyone noticed that you may want to create a script that allows you to update the database in one go. It does make you wonder if the tools are actually tested for usability rather than just errors.

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