Monday, December 04, 2006

Live music

Live music is so much better than listening to music from the studio. If I had the choice of a live album or a studio album to listen to then I'd nearly always listen to the live album.

Because of this I do tend to try and go to gigs as often as possible. With the opening of a "new" venue, the Carling Academy @ Newcastle, there tends to be a lot more bands appearing. It's been open for over a year so it's not really new but will always be the new venue until somewhere else opens.

I'd managed to not see many bands this year - The Charlatans in April and Bruce Springsteen in May being the total until the last couple of months. The Honest Johns (a local band who someone I play rugby with knows) and Deacon Blue at the start of October and then the last couple of weeks have been manic - Paul Weller, The Wonder Stuff (absolutely amazing and their support band, Unkle Bob, where very good as well), Snow Patrol and Richard Ashcroft. And I still have two more to go until the end of the year - Morrissey tonight and then "old faithful" Iron Maiden in a couple of weeks.

I'm not quite deaf yet but my old ears are getting there.

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