Friday, December 22, 2006

SQL Server Hosting Toolkit

More of an aide memoire to myself rather than anything else.  Microsoft have released the SQL Server Hosting Toolkit that contains the Database Publishing Wizard that allows you to copy local databases to remote databases.

If you've read my earlier post on SQL Server you'll see that I had several issues with the management tools.  This was another gripe - it was easier in Enterprise Manager to copy databases!

I've been using SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare from Red Gate when managing databases in preference to the SQL2005 Management Studio.  Microsoft look at last as though they have a tool that fills the gaping hole.

Just a shame that it's a Visual Studio extension and doesn't sit within SQL Server Management Studio.  I tend not to use the database tools in Visual Studio preferring to use SQL Server Management Studio (not least because I have two monitors so I can run both applications side by side).  It would be nice if it linked into both applications and not just Visual Studio.

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