Thursday, January 31, 2008

BAND3.5 Progress (8c, 354p)

After considerable (very considerable!) delays I've got the next chapter of BAND3.5 in.  After finding out that SQL Server 2008 was going to be delayed all the deadlines were pushed back (looking at a September release now for both SQL Server 2008 and BAND 3.5) I got into a "do no writing" habit.

Hopefully back in to the groove now and C08 has just gone to my editor.  The only problem is that reading back over the previous seven chapters I can see loads of places where I want to make changes.  Aahhh!  Looks as though 2nd drafts may be bigger than initially intended.

I've done some technical reviewing for Apress in the meantime (Visual Basic 2008 Recipes), completed my second StudyGuide for PrepLogic (have a look here and hunt for the 70-529 exam) and completed several different client projects to get them out of the way so they weren't dragging on.

Now just hope to hell that I'm back in the writing mood.  I seem to be - but that could change by tomorrow.

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