Monday, March 31, 2008

An attempt to get fit

Since I damaged (the specialist now thinks that I may have broken it and now have arthritis in there) my ankle last July I managed to put on two stone in weight.  I've never been the slimmest person out there but an extra two stone I can do without.

The annoying thing was that I was starting to get as fit as I was five or six years ago.  I had planned to try and do the Great North Run this year but eight months when I've done very little exercise (well, I've been playing rugby on a Saturday but being as unfit as I am it doesn't really help) means that I may have to miss it this year - maybe Andrew will get a running partner next year.  So in an effort to get fit enough to maybe play another year of rugby I've started running again.  I have three circuits planned out around the Town Moor in Newcastle and thanks to Gmaps Pedometer you too can run them if you want:

I was down to 38m 41s for 3.5 miles before I damaged my ankle and I've just got back in tonight in 41m 29s (which was 1m 10s quicker than yesterday).  Hopefully I can get down to 35 minutes before the end of May and then move onto the longer routes.  That should set me up nicely for rugby training which will start again at the beginning of July.

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