Monday, October 05, 2009

Microsoft WebsiteSpark

I missed out on getting enrolled in the Microsoft BizSpark program due to to Littlepond being more than three years old.  It’s only really Visual Studio that I was after in the entire program (although having a full MSDN subscription wouldn’t be bad).

It was nice then to see Scott Guthrie launch the Microsoft WebsiteSpark program when on his European tour at the back end of last month.

Not only do you Visual Studio 2008 (and I’m assuming that it will be updated to include Visual Studio 2010 when that is released next year) but you also get:

  • Production licenses for Windows Web Server 2008 R2
  • Production licenses for SQL Server 2008 Web Edition
  • 3 Visual Studio 2008 Professional licenses
  • 1 Expression Studio 3 license
  • 2 Expression Web 3 licenses

It’s a tidy little program.  It’ll cost you $100 in three years when you leave the program but that’s small change when you look at what buying the software provided individually would cost.

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