Friday, January 29, 2010

Dan Pink and a Drink

I had the pleasure of attending the Codeworks Connect Think and a Drink event on Monday evening.  It’s the first one that I’ve attended and was a great event.  Being in The Sage was also an added bonus as I’ve never been inside what turned out to be a remarkable building.

The first speaker up was Caspar Berry.  Whilst not the talk I was most interested in seeing it was still worthwhile.  Some interesting points regarding risk taking and a few things to think about going forward.

I’ve talked about the second speaker, Dan Pink, before when attending the TEDx Newcastle event last year.  Whilst not startling different to the talk that he gave at TED Global (the video is online) it’s still a very good talk to see.  The insights that he brings to the table regarding motivation – autonomy, mastery and purpose – are fascinating and certainly something that all managers and employers should take into consideration.

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