Sunday, October 16, 2005 error?

I've been using Amazon lately to sell some of my previous books just to clear a little space (you wouldn't believe how much space 10 copies of the same book take) and keep coming across errors with alarming regularity and inconsistency.

I was trying to view an order that was about to ship and got an error. Although this error occured when I was viewing an order they aren't just occuring here. I've gotten the same error when logging in and when changing address details.

Now I understand that it's a big site and the odd error may creep in here and there but when I'm clicking on a View Order link and getting this error it's a bit much. Clicking back and then clicking the link again solves the problem.

I don't think I'd seen an error on Amazon until a couple of months ago and now I'm getting an error pretty much every time I visit the site.

And have you ever tried to find a way to email them to tell them the problem? What do you want to contact us about? Are you sure these answers don't answer you're question? No they bloody don't - all I want to see is a form that allows me to tell you what the problem is!

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