Wednesday, December 21, 2005

WinFX and Orcas

I've tried to stay away from even looking at WinFX simply due to the fact that I've got lots of real work to do and can't really spend the time looking at new stuff.

However I've relented - the December CTP of the different bits are now available. The runtime components and the (newly branded) Orcas VS2005 extensions. There's also a separate VS2005 extension download for Windows Workflow Foundation. Orcas covers WCF and WPF but you need a separate one for WPF. Beats me why they haven't got one set of extensions for all three.

The only thing that surprises me is that Whidbey is just out the door and they've thrown another code name at us. Wasn't Orcas the codename for the VS200X? Are we now looking at not a major upgrade just the WinFX bundled on the side of it?

Now if only I had the time to play.

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