Friday, February 10, 2006

Firefox extensions

I switched over to Firefox many moons ago (v0.5 I think) and since then have used it almost religiously. I detest IE - slow, don't talk to me about slow - and haven't had a chance to play with the beta/preview/whatever of IE7 as I need to do screengrabs and you can't have two IE versions on the same machine.

The thing that I really like about Firefox is the extension architecture. Yes I know IE has them but M$ only started pushing them once Firefox started to eat market share. A couple that I use all the time and would recommend:

StumbleUpon - when Wikipedia just won't satisfy your urge for mindless surfing click the Stumble button and see what other people have said they liked. You can choose what topics your interested in and recommend sites back to Stumble. There are some really really funny sites out there.

Web Developer - if you're a developer then this is invaluable. See what your site is like with images blocked, CSS turned off and loads more.

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