Friday, March 24, 2006

AJAX and Flickr

STD_0109Went to an AJAX talk on Wednesday and one of the sites that the presenter mentioned was Flickr. I'd briefly looked at it but not really played around with it. By virtue of getting two pick puzzles fixed yesterday I'm having an "easier" day today and catching up with things that I've been putting off. Hence playing with Flickr.

I can now share photos with all my friends (and indeed the world) without having to mess around with email or putting them on a website. I also like the fact that I can post from Flickr to here quite easily (as this post shows) directly from the photo I want.

Expect more from Flickr as I upload more images - all that's on there at the moment is my photos from Rome in July 2004.

One thing that does bug me though is that somewhere along the line I've lost the date the picture was taken! Hopefully my "new" camera will show this correctly.

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