Tuesday, May 02, 2006


It's been a long old time since my last post. BAND2 got out the door and went to print (I received my copies on the 5th April) and I've been spending ages getting a site out of the door for a client. I say getting because it isn't quite there yet (hopefully we'll be at a go live point by the end of the week) but once it is I'll blog some more about what it is. After all if I'm now contracting I've got to let people know what I've been doing!

What I really came here to mention is this absolutely brilliant piece of satire (at least I hope it was satire). It's a quite amusing site and well worth a read of some of the other articles.

UPDATE (04/05/2006) - it looks like "shelleytherepublican" has died!

UPDATE (10/05/2006) - it looks like it's back again.

UPDATE (03/07/2006) - updated URL to article.

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