Thursday, October 19, 2006

IE7 is here at last

So it's eventually here. I've been running the various betas for a little while now and as the final release is here I decided to install it.

So after uninstalling the previous version (RC2 I think) the installer rebooted and once logged in came back with the "installing" dialog with nothing else at all on the screen - no taskbar, no desktop. Nada.

Mmm. Helpful for a non-technical user. Never mind. I'll let it finish. Which it does. Eventually.

Hurrah! IE7! But not as it seems. This looks a lot like IE6!?!

Oops - not perhaps what was intended. It thinks it's IE7 but it certainly doesn't look like it.

So before uninstalling and reinstalling I though I'd run the installer again.

Hurrah! IE7! As it should be!

So a bit of an interesting setup experience then. All appears to be working normally. And the Firefox IE Tab extension appears to be playing nicely with it.

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