Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Secret Policeman's Ball

The 15 year wait (or 17 if you don't count the 30th birthday bash) between the last Amnesty Secret Policeman's Ball and the one last Saturday certainly didn't reduce the entertainment!

I managed to get two tickets and used the trip as an excuse to see friends for the weekend (the usual story - talk by email and messenger all the time but actually meeting up is another story). I'd seen the previous Balls on video so the chance to see the new one live was great.

While we didn't quite have the Python crew, having Eddie Izzard, Russell Brand, Andrew Maxwell, Chevy Chase and several other great comedians, turned into a very good night.

They did list Sir Ian Mckellen as one of the performers but I'm assuming that they had Jeremy Irons perform the "this is why we're here bit" at the end instead.

A thoroughly good night and I can't wait for it to arrive on DVD. I'm even tempted to by the previous ones as well.

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