Friday, May 11, 2007

Microsoft definately have problems

Posting has turned again to being very sporadic. I've started a new full-time job (set hours and working in an office with other people and everything), signed a contract to update BAND to work with .NET 3.5 (Beginning ASP.NET Data Access With ADO.NET 3.0 and LINQ), signed a contract to do another study Mega Guide for PrepLogic (70-529 - .NET 2.0 Distributed Application Development), and completed a rewrite of the front end for MusicTowers. I've also started diving again as we're in the spring months (diving in the North Sea over the winter, no chance) so time wise their isn't a lot of it free at the moment.

Still it's nice to see that Microsoft still aren't getting any better. I've been looking at the Technical Architecture document for Exchange Server 2007 and there are some priceless quotes in there. "The final RTM build of Exchange 2007 is build 685.25, but in some places it is listed as 685.24. Both are correct, actually" and "Also, when you click Help | About Exchange Server 2007, you'll see a different version number altogether: 685.018" and the kicker at the end "These versioning discrepancies are expected to be resolved in Service Pack 1 for Exchange 2007". Now it may just be me but isn't this a trivial thing? Is it any wonder that they're releasing umpteen patches a month when things like this get past QA?

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