Friday, May 11, 2007

Study MegaGuides

I was contacted out of the blue a little while ago by PrepLogic an American company that provide, amongst other things, study materials for Microsoft certification exams. As I'm, eventually, in the process of getting myself certified it was an ideal opportunity for me to do some work for them whilst going down the certification path.

If you go here you'll see pretty near the top the Mega Guide for 70-528 - .NET 2.0 Web-based Application Development. That's mine!

Unfortunately this isn't a sales pitch - it was a flat rate rather than royalty based job and with the way the exchange rate from USD to UKP changed during the course of the project not as lucrative as I first imagined.

Still, it was fun and it can't be that bad as they've asked me to do a follow up for 70-529 - .NET 2.0 Distributed Application Development. Which ties in nicely with me actually doing the exam on July 2nd - 80 pages in 6 weeks and then a week to second draft. No problem.

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